West Cook Homeownership Center Hosts the Mayor

On the Table, community conversations were held across the Chicago metropolitan area on May 14, but the event hosted by the West Cook Homeownership Center and the Chicago Community Trust at Westside Forward (formerly Bethel New Life) in the west Chicago neighborhood of Austin, actually featured then mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot, who took a seat at the table and discussed community issues with Chicago residents.

On the Table, the Chicago Community Trust’s annual day of civic conversation creates an avenue for Chicago citizens to voice their ideas to the new mayor. This year’s event will generate a Memo to the Mayor; a people-generated plan for the new administration’s first year in office.

From Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s page on the event, “Chicago is at its best when everyday people come together to share their ideas for how to make our city work for every Chicagoan. Thank you #OntheTable for facilitating this afternoon’s event. Your thoughts and feedback will help better the city of Chicago.”

When the West Cook Homeownership Center event location was announced, Program Director Athena Williams stated, “I was glad to hear and realize that she has an affinity for supporting this community that has gone ignored for so long. I think the message that many of our participants received was that she is going to include the westside in upcoming opportunities.”